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“The Eastside Music Cafe crowd rocked and swayed along to a night of excellent music by Selalu”
Paddington Eastside Arts.

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Selalu is a Sydney based four piece acoustic band that plays original songs and is made up of Trev, Kathleen ,Tully and Matt. The music is contemporary folk and country roots with acoustic guitars, bass and mandolin. With moving lyrics their songs take you on a journey of the heart. Selalu's poetic approach is enhanced by the harmonies of four unique and diverse vocals blending with the music to creat a tale for each song.

The name "Selalu" was inspired by the Malay word selalu that means "always". (For pronunciation purposes, emphasis is placed on the second syllable of the word. Although it's spelled Selalu it sounds like Sel/ar/lu).While lots of things do change, "selalu" has become the band's motto in regard to their love of music. May their songs tell their story…

Some personal comments about Selalu:
Macquarie Towns Music Club:
"A great crowd ventured into town for this wonderful concert held in October. Although most of us had never had the pleasure of hearing 'Selalu' perform prior to this night, the anticipation was duly repaid, with a wonderful, relaxing and powerful performance of original songs. These songs were all written by Trev and were supported by Kathleen's beautiful vocals and multiple instrumentals and Tully with his extraordinary bass, guitar playing and vocal. Everyone walked out wishing they could have played on for another hour or more. We hope to engage this trio for another gig in the future. Make sure you don't miss the next 'Selalu' gig."

Mike Murray, Texas USA
"I pulled up your myspace link and have been letting the music play. Wow, you guys are great!! There is something there that is able to pluck the elusive strings of a person's inner being. I think I am going to have order your CD. I really appreciate that it is original music. Its going to take me a while to fully appreciate it - there is so much there."

Review By: Singer/Songwriter Michael-J
ohn Azzopardi
"One listen to Selalu and you'll discover they're the real deal. Honest infectious music with a message carried upon lush harmonies and lots of love."

Trev has been writing, singing and playing guitar for many years and most of Selalu's songs are his compositions. His thumb picking style and his vocal presentation lay the ground work for many of the songs.

has been a folk singer and guitarist since her youth and adds a sweetness of backing vocals, guitar, mandolin and banjo to the mix.



Tully is a talented musician and a singer/songwriter in his own right. Since joining up with Trev and Kathleen in Selalu he has brought a unique dynamic to the group that has added a dimension to the music. His strength lies not only in his harmonic and clever guitar work but he also contributes to the musical arrangements and provides strong backing vocals. Matt is Tull's Younger brother who recently joined Selalu in 2010, he plays bass along with backing vocals. Matt also is a talented young musican and singer/songwriter in his own right.

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More Information

2010 Saturday5th June
The Shack.

The Tramshed Arts
1395a Pittwater Road,
Narrabeen. 7.30pm - 11.30pm $15
Web:The Shack Live Acoustic Music

2010 19th June
Maquarie Towns Folk

7pm Neighbourhood Centre
2 West Market Street

2010 18th September
Humph Hall Concert

Concert starts at 7.30pm
85 Allambie Road
Allambie Hights NSW

2010 27th November
The Loded Dog

Annandale Neighbourhood Centre
Johnston Street NSW

Trev's been writing songs and poems for over 30 years and way back produced several albums; most are now out of circulation. The first effort was back in 1982 with an album called "Endless Surprise". Some of the musicians featured were Jeff Mercer, Murry Cook, James Barton and Andrew Hoyl. Amongst a few vinyl collectors it's now become a collector's piece with one recently selling for a considerable amount on e-bay. "It was our first attempt, (young rock-n-role days) didn't go any where, though one or two songs weren't too bad. But, damn I wished I kept a few of those records now!"

Trev was born in 1955 and grew up in Melbourne in the late 60's and early 70's. By the time he was 21 he took off overseas spending over two years traveling through America, Mexico and Canada. On his returned he married Kathleen and they got involved in running a folk acoustic venue on the northern beaches of Sydney for emerging song writers. Work wise; he spent his time as a sound engineer at his recording studio "Midway Records" recording demo and albums for local musicians. He also worked as a landscape /handyman gardener as a day job.

After their kids grew up Kathleen and Trev dusted off their guitars and along with sifting a suitcase full of old songs started work on a bunch of new ones and formed Selalu which has emerged as a new musical project. "We all feel we want to follow it through, see what comes of it. My music style hasn't changed a great deal over the years; though most of the new songs now are ballads that are acoustic based, but feel and emotion is a good guide to dictate where the music should go and what instruments are needed to dress a song. In my song writing I tend to write about love and relationships of life, I try to share and tease out something that I think is of some value to others. I've always been interested in the human condition, the possibilities, the unknown." Trev's writing style of ballads touches on the heart of many things that are often obvious but hard to put into words.